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Blue Ridge Hiking Club
Hike Leader Guide, Information and Resources

For Hike Leaders

HIKE LEADERS are the backbone of the club. Without hike leaders we can’t  hike as a club.  The process is pretty simple. If you are a new hike  leader consider asking one of the more experienced club members to  co-lead a hike with you, or you with them.

Contact the appropriate ¬†Hike Coordinator¬†to volunteer. Select a hike you feel comfortable leading. Check the Club Calendar for some of the more  popular hikes, and/or ask the coordinator for a more complete list of  hikes. Then, prior to your hike date,  print the Hike Leader Checklist, which contains suggestions to ensure a safe and enjoyable hike. (links below)

During the days before the hike take phone calls from those coming (take their names and phone numbers so you can notify them in case of hike changes)

Make arrangements for a meeting place and time.

Arrange for spotting cars if necessary.

As you lead the hike make sure to account for all the hikers. If you think it's necessary, use another hiker as a rear sweep to make sure that nobody is left behind.

Above all, HAVE FUN!!!!